2. Business Code of Conduct

The Company has committed to enhance its businesses on the basis of ethical and moral principles. Besides, it endeavors to generate sustainable profits to its shareholders whereas put the importance on fair treatment of all stakeholders.

The Company stipulates that it is the responsibilities of all directors, executives and employees, regardless of countries where the Company’ s investment has been established, to acknowledge, understand, and strictly comply with the policy and rules of practice. Parallel to the achievement of business objectives, ethical standards shall also be adhered to promote the profits of the Company, shareholders, stakeholders, society and the public.

On August 5, 2019 the Company was certified a membership of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Curruption (CAC) for the second time.

In March 2019, Mono Next PCL. held an event on “Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption”. Business partners and alliances were invited to hear about the policy and the declaration of the Company on anti-corruption and to create a collective action among business partners and alliances, so that they would as well be aware of the importance of anti-corruption. Mr. Thanakit Permpoonkanti was the honorable guest speaker at the event which took place at GSB Stadium29 on Chaiyapruk Road.


Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand – 7 Years of the Fight