6.6 Whistle-blowing

Subject Matter for Whistle-blowing

  1. Seeing any acts of corruption involved with the Company either directly or indirectly, for example, seeing personnel giving or receiving bribery from government officer or private sector
  2. Seeing any violations on the Company’s regulations or any acts affecting the Company’s internal control system which leads to doubt that such act may involve in corruption
  3. Seeing any acts causing the Company to lose benefits and destroying its reputation
  4. Seeing any violations on laws, moral, and the Business Code of Conduct

Seeing Guidance

All employees are encouraged to raise concerns or seeking advice regarding this policy or a particular act that may constitute bribery or corruption. An employee can promptly get advice from his or her supervisor or Human Resources Department. If an employee is unsure whether such conduct is considered corruption or if he or she wishes to seek advice before filing complaint, the employee can send email to antifraud@mono.co.th

Reporting on Corruption or Bribery

Any evidence of executives, employees, or anyone acting on behalf of the Company engaging in corruption or bribery must be reported to supervisors immediately, or be informed through “Channels for Whistle-blowing or Complaint about Corruption”. The Company shall take the report seriously and confidentially. Employees or whistle-blowers reported concerns in good faith shall be protected from any impact.

Whistle-blowing or Complaint Channels

The Board of Directors has appointed the Audit Committee to inspect whistle-blowing on suspicious acts of corruption in the Company, either directly or indirectly. Channels for reporting such matter have been specified in this policy.

1. A whistle-blower shall report the details of whistle-blowing or complaints. Name, address, and telephone number of the whistle-blower shall also be given and sent to the following channels.

a. Email to the Audit Committee at audit_committee@mono.co.th

b. Email to the Company Secretary (Ms. Pitirudee Sirisamphan) at companysec@mono.co.th or antifraud@mono.co.th, or send letters to the Company Secretary at Mono Next PCL., 29/9 Moo 4, Chaiyaphruek Rd., Bang Phlap, Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120

c. Report on the Company’s website under subject “Whistle-blowing or Complaint about Corruption”

2. People who are eligible for whistle-blowing or filing complaint about corruption are the Company’s stakeholders, which include shareholders, customers, business partners, business competitors, creditors, government officers, executives, and officers. The Company shall treat all information of the whistle-blower as strictly confidential no matter which of the mentioned channels the whistle-blowing was reported.

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