Under the empire of this media technology, Mono citizens with creativity and modern lifestyle, passing on Mono DNA from generation to generation (Top-level managers to employees), deliver a wide range of content & service of Mono Next to consumers.

We encourage the creativity of everyone in the organization. We value the importance of teamwork. Furthermore, we believe in giving our employees the opportunity to learn and advance their careers.

We believe “Employees are the most valuable resource”. So, we recruit talented people with similar attitude to work with us. We care for them as a member of family, and create a warmer corporate culture and teamwork under the concept of LIFE @ Mono Family.

We have Mentoring System, where senior staffs shall pass on their knowledge, work ethic, and corporate culture to newcomers through the on-the-job training process to be able to adapt and work more happily and effectively.

Certificate & Scholarship
We believe in employee’s never-ending self-development, hence providing them with specialized short courses, business management programs, field trips abroad etc. Last but not least, our top performers are nominated each year for Mono Scholarship (Master’s Degree).

We encourage employees to enhance their competencies based on their roles and working standards, from training, branch-based training to self-development and further growth. Employees can learn from case studies within the organization through KM. Employees can be both Gurus and learners of various topics covering from academic to life skills such as language, personality, marketing business, negotiation, saving, etc.

Competitive Salary
We have the standardization of employee remuneration for the industry. Beyond that, individual salary gets raised by one’s own performance, responsibility and predefined career path. The path – that is committed mutually to grow along Mono’s promising future.

Fringe Benefit & Welfare
We always care for employees’ standard of living by providing health insurance including free medical treatment and dental care, annual health check, working and traveling allowances and provident funds.

Fun Fit & Firm
We encourage healthy body and mind. Employees can join clubs such as music clubs, running clubs, yoga clubs, badminton clubs. And we also provide a Sport Club for employees.

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