2. Subscription Video on Demand Business (MONOMAX)

MONOMAX is a subscription video on demand service provider that offers over 20,000 hours of contents available both in Thai and original soundtrack. Our service provides a variety of video streaming contents including famous series and movies, award winning movies, independence movies or content for specific viewer groups, for example, sports, animations, and feature programs from Hollywood and Asia. Audience can watch these contents from any place at any time on various platforms, such as computer, smart TV, Android box, smartphone (available on iOS and Android devices), and other devices.

MONOMAX cooperates with a leading business partner, Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited or “3BB” which is one of the major broadband Internet providers in Thailand, by tying additional content service from MonoMax in with Hi-speed Internet Package to enhance the entertainment experience for 3BB customers.

Moreover, subscription business includes acquisition and distribution of movies locally and internationally for showing in theatres, airing on MONO29, and streaming on MONOMAX. Our movie acquisition team is specialized and well experienced in copyright and movie issues. Concerning the potential to produce Thai series and movies, Mono Original, as a long experience production team, has produced many renowned films for audience of different age and gender. These films appear on various channels as well as being sold abroad.
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