Mono Next Public Company Limited, formerly Mono Technology Public Company Limited, was founded in 2002 and invested in its subsidiaries, engagin in content provider services for game service and TV-show voting via mobile phones. Through the years of company milestones, Mono Next has evolved into Thailand’s leading Media and Content Conglomerate. Our core businesses include a TV business, Mono29 Channel, where we are one of the topnotch TV-broadcasting stations in the group of digital-TV businesses since our key concept is “Free TV with the Greatest Number of Blockbuster Movies and Premium TV Series”. In addition, we have built on our services to commercial businesses such as TV-home shopping and online shopping under the name 29Shopping. Mono Next has expanded its business subsequently to meet customer’s expectations in terms of movies and series both domestically and internationally which leads to the operations in the movie business and subscription video streaming service business (Monomax). Hence, the Management has set goals and future outlooks towards being the expert in entertainment, movies, and series as the core business and recruited talented team for quality production and creating strong relationships with international movie studios. The new challenging chapter of Mono Next is that we are committed to producing our original content under Mono Original and enhancing our production standards as equivalent to world-class standards, prompt to offer customers our top-notch contents from our famous producers, film directors, and Thailand’s leading actors and actresses. Moreover, regarding the Internet business at present, our former marketing team has adapted a form of the business to be a holistic marketing and communications service provider for the affiliated companies and partners who own products and services both in the private and public sectors where our services are able to respond to their needs in terms of marketing solutions in a full chain. Regarding online websites, MThai.com, and other existing social media, we have adapted to changes from being an online-news service provider to being an entertainment-content service provider where we offer exclusive contents including entertainment, lifestyles, travel, and horoscopes. Moreover, Mono Next is also a medium for supporting public relations and organizing activities or events for our affiliated companies, and other partners.


Mono Next and subsidiaries aims to be the Leading of Media and Content Conglomerate in Thailand with comprehensive understanding and synergy of media technologies to fulfill all digital lifestyles.


To achieve the missions of the Company, the core values of Mono Next and subsidiaries places importance on teamwork, creativity, and continual learning and development. The Company is committed to the following aspirations :

  • Maintaining the expertise and the leadership in movies and series contents, both local and international, by acquiring unlimited fresh entertainment content for audience
  • Highlighting the new direction of effective business operation under the strategies of each business by concerning about positive market feedback as well as developing and looking for other business prospective
  • Synergizing a variety of media by connecting all digital platforms together for audience to enjoy entertainment on all screens
  • Evolving organizational procedures and culture to be flexible and advanced in accordance with the lifestyles of a new generation.
  • Committing to sustainable and transparent business operation along with the sustainable growth of turnover, as well as concerning about working environment and surrounding community


Mr. Navamin Prasopnet

Mr. Navamin Prasopnet

Chairman of the Board of Directors / Chairman of Executive Committee


Mr. Preecha Leelasithorn

Mr. Preecha Leelasithorn

Independent Director/ Chairman of Audit and Corporate Governance Committee/ Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Dr.Karl Jamornmarn

Independent Director/ Member of Audit and Corporate Governance Committee/ Member of Nomination and Remuneration Committee / Chairman of Risk Management and Sustainability Committee

Mr. Charoen Sangvichaipat

Mr. Charoen Sangvichaipat

Independent Director/ Member of Audit and Corporate Governance Committee/ Member of Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Mr.Polpat Asavaprapha

Independent Director/ Member of Audit and Corporate Governance Committee/ Member of Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Mr.Bannasit Rakwong

Director/ Executive Director/ Member of Risk Management and Sustainability Committee


Mr. Navamin Prasopnet

Mr. Navamin Prasopnet

Acting Chief Executive Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Bannasit Rakwong

Chief Operating Officer

Miss Nedpanit Potarakul

Ms. Nedpanit Potarakul

Chief Production Officer

Miss Pitirudee Sirisamphan

Miss Pitirudee Sirisamphan

Company Secretary and Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communications

Mr. Phongphan Thongphianphong

Assistant Vice President of Accounting and Finance



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