Investigation Process and Penalties

6.8 Investigation Process and Penalties

Investigation Process and Penalties

  1. When receiving a disclosure from a whistle-blower, the Audit Committee shall filter out the information and investigate into the truth. Chief Executive Officer and executives may take part in the investigation according to the discretion of the Audit Committee.
  2. During the investigation, the Audit Committee may assign a representative (executive level) to periodically report the progress to the whistle-blower or the complainant.
  3. If the investigation reveals that the information or evidence leads to a belief that the accused has taken action on corruption, the Company shall provide the right for the accused to be informed of the allegation. The right for the accused to prove him/ herself innocent by finding additional information or evidence that he or she does not involve in any act of corruption being accused shall also be provided.
  4. If the accused has truly practiced corruption, such corruption shall be deemed as an action against the Anti-Corruption Policy and the Company’s Business Code of Conduct, hence, the accused shall be subject to penalties according to Mono Group disciplinary action. If such action on corruption is illegal, the wrongdoer may be penalized in by laws.

The disciplinary penalty of the Company and the decision of the Audit Committee is considered to be final.


  1. Directors, executives, and employees who violate this policy, including involvement in any corrupt activities and ignoring such malpractice or noticing such malpractice but fail to manage the matter appropriately, shall lead to disciplinary action up to termination in appropriate circumstances.
  2. Any agents, intermediaries, or business representatives who violate this policy may be subjected to contract termination.

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