1. TV Business (Mono29)

Mono29 Channel is the leading television station among Thailand’s digital-TV counterparts with its slogan “Free TV with the Greatest Number of Premium Blockbuster Movies and Premium TV Series”. We offer a diverse range of exceptional movies and series from Hollywood and Asian film studios including expensive-superhero movies from top studios around the world. Mono29 also deliberately offers selected Premium Blockbuster movies and appeals to our customers with Premium Blockbuster Thailand Premiere Program offering fresh and up-to-date contents, namely, popular Chinese and Korean series, action movies worldwide, full-flavored news programs, entertainment programs, and world-class news documentaries to deliver both facts and entertainment straight to customers as an all-in-one channel.

Mono29 is prompt to strive to select and report the latest world news on a daily basis from our quality news programs, namely, Good Morning Thailand, The Day News Update, Top Talk Daily, and Nightly News TV programs hosted by highly professional and potential news anchors with news analytical skills and produced by our high-quality expertise specialized in news media for more than 10 years in order to enhance the quality of creative news presentation fulfilled with high quality and reliable facts without any conflicting issues and worsening tragedy of crime victims.

Mono29 strengthens entertainment contents produced by our professional team to produce high-quality variety shows such as Movie Language, DNA Talk, The Ladies, and One Day with Matthew where we can ensure the highest quality with great joy and comprehensive knowledge serving right to your television.

The new challenging chapter of Mono Next is that we have committed to producing our original content under Mono Original. This time, Ms.Thanya Wachirabunjong, Chief Production Officer, personally assumes an important role in the overall production to enhance production standards as equivalent to international standards, and we are prompt to offer customers to watch our top-notch contents with many genres such as action, drama, costumes, and many more produced by famous producers and top actors and actresses in Thailand. Moreover, we adopt a simulcast strategy for airing contents on both Mono29 Channel and streaming reruns online via Monomax where customers can also watch exclusive behind-the-scenes only on MonoMax. Additionally, we also apply marketing strategies to both Mono29 Channel and MonoMax simultaneously.

At present, Mono29 provides many convenient approaches for customers to watch our contents such as Mono29.com, Mono29 application, and MonoMax where all of which are compatible with both IOS and Android and customers can also watch contents with the bilingual language system.

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