1. TV Business (Mono29)

MONO29 Free TV has been rated the third of the most popular TV channels in Thailand continuously for more than 3 years under the slogan “Great Movies and Popular TV Series”. Our channel offers a whole bunch of movies and top hit series from Hollywood and Asia plus blockbusters from Marvel and DC. Selections of premium movies have been aired the first time on MONO29 in Thailand Premiere program and more to offer with the world feature programs rendering our audience with both knowledge and entertainment in one channel.

Ready to move forward with news report, MONO29 presents news and daily breaking stories around the world in high quality news programs, such as Good Morning Thailand, Top Talk Daily, and The Day News Update. With proficient newscasters and professional teamwork that has been in news industry for over 10 years, our channel determines to present news with accuracy, quality, and satisfaction.

Currently, various channels have been provided for audience to watch MONO29 TV. Movie fans can conveniently enjoy our dual language programs on website Mono29.com and application MONO29, both on iOS and Android devices.
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