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Mono Next and its subsidiaries pride ourselves on being a sustainable company with our commitment to bringing about sustainability to society and the environment. We always adhere to good corporate governance, morality, and the business code of conduct to establish sustainable growth for the country and our company.

Pan Duay Jai Sang Roi Yim
Waste Sorting for Planet
Planting for the Earth
Anti-Corruption Practices
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Mono Next is aware that one of its important

missions, apart from doing ​business and creating success in terms of income, are the sustainability commitment to society and the environment in order to build growth together robustly and sustainably. Therefore, Mono Next has been continuously initiating several campaigns to support and help society as well as continuously preserve the environment.





The Company is well aware of the objectives related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; thus, the Company’s sustainable guideline comprises three crucial dimensions: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Practices. All the guideline is performed following the planned framework to ensure the maximum benefits for society and the environment along the supply chain.

Environment CARE

Mono Next is well aware of environmental and ​natural conservation. We have ​been continuously carrying out several campaigns ​to conserve ecology so as to ​create long-term sustainability for later generations.

Social CARE

Mono Next has committed to supporting and developing communities ​in order to create livable places where children can grow as quality members along with the commitment to offering help to underprivileged people in society.

Governance CARE

Mono Next declares its intention to conduct the business operation with ethics, transparency, and accountability, as well as to resist any forms of corruption.


No Poverty Mono Next has been driving the business to eradicate poverty through Pan Duay Jai Sang Roi Yim project along with bridging wealth and income inequality for society.

Health and Well-Being Mono Next has ensured the quality of life at all levels through various donations such as the Prosthetic Legs project, Calendars for the Blind project, and many more.

Quality Education Mono Next has collaborated with business partners and government agencies to enhance the high quality of education.

Infrastructure & Innovation Mono Next has engaged in social development, including infrastructure development for society to ensure that everyone has an equitable opportunity for a better life.

Responsible Consumption and Production Mono Next has been conducting its business along with a sense of responsibility through PET to PPE project, reBox project, and many more.

Climate Action With its importance as the top agenda, Mono Next places a value on climate action through donated and recycled projects in pursuit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Life on Land At Mono Next, we have endeavored to conserve both live animals and the ecosystem through the Care the Bear project, Plant for Planet, and many more.

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions Mono Next has reassured our executives, employees, and all stakeholders to get fair practices and benefits, including being a law-abiding company.


Sustainability Report


Address : Mono Next PCL., 29/9 Moo 4, Chaiyaphruek Road, Bang Phlap, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi 11120.

Email : csr@mono.co.th

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