3. Control of the Use of Inside Information

The Company has a policy and practices to control the exploitation of inside information by the directors and executives for their personal benefit, including securities trading :

(1) The Company formulates the written guidelines for keeping information and preventing inside information exploitation in order to promote fairness to shareholders, customers, business partners and all stakeholders according to laws and principles of good corporate governance.

(2) The directors, executives and employees are forbidden from exploitation of inside information that has a significant impact on the Company’s securities trading and the change in share price that has not yet been declared to the public for their personal or other’s interest.

(3) The directors, executives as well as those in the executive positions of accounting or finance unit from the level of manager and above and employees in the unit where inside information is available must refrain from the Company’s stock trading for one month prior to the date of announcement of operation results and financial statement or important information that have impact on the change in the Company’s stock price until such information is declared to the public.

(4) The directors, executives as well as those in the executive positions of accounting or finance unit from the level of manager and above shall report ownership of all securities issued by the Company, pertaining to themselves, spouses and/or minor children to the Company Secretary within 30 days after formally assuming the position. Besides, the directors and high-ranking executives shall report to the Board of Directors or the delegated person all of their securities trading at least 1 day in advance in order to notify SEC within three business day after transaction date as specified by the Securities and Exchange Act.

(5) The directors shall make and submit their connected transaction(s) report to the Company Secretary.

(6) The directors shall report all the change of their securities holding and their connected transaction(s) to the meeting of the Board of Directors. Then, the Company Secretary shall submit a summary report on the said connected transaction(s) to the next Board’s meeting. The change in securities holding of the directors and executives that occurs during the particular year shall be disclosed in the Company’s annual report.

(7) The Company gives significance on inside information exploitation that may affect the Company’s benefits or create the conflict of interest by specifying details in the Good Corporate Governance policy, the Code of Conduct, best practices for working, employment contract and working-related regulations.

(8) The Company gives significance on strict and consistent protection of customers’ confidential information and prevention of the use of such information for benefits of directors, executives, employees and relevant persons, unless otherwise prescribed by laws.

(9) The Company gives significance on protection of information on IT system by controlling and/or preventing the access to the Company’s information by outsiders and designing the access control for each level of employee based on their authority and responsibilities.

(10) In cases where external parties are involved in special projects dealing with information undisclosed to the public and during the negotiation stage, such projects shall be regarded as inside information as it may affect Company’s share price. These external parties must sign a confidentiality agreement with the Company until the information is disclosed to SET and SEC.

(11) Directors, executives or employees that fail to comply with the Company’s regulations of inside information must be subject to penalties according to the Company’s disciplinary action and/or laws (as the case may be).

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