Online Business Intelligence

3. Online Business Intelligence (, MKT Solution)

With our potential expertise with more than 20 years of experience in online product achievements, our online business intelligence service provides services for planning, designing, and creating holistic marketing communications for our subsidiaries and partners who own products and services and private and public sector parties. Due to our deep understanding of new media management on all platforms, we can be in responding to customer needs by providing a full range of marketing solutions such as strategies and campaigns for marketing, online media for marketing, social media management, online advertising like short films, viral videos, television commercial advertisements, interviews, motion-infographic stories, TikTok clips, etc.

Our online media like, Facebook: MThaidotcom, Twitter: Mthai, and Mthai application that has 3 million subscribers in total has adjusted its direction by providing astrology and Thai belief contents (soft power) under the concept “It’s All About Belief” and supporting public relations, event and activity organizing for its subsidiaries and our partners.

In addition, Mono Next expands its business by launching its unique fashion commodities with the concept of Buddhist and astrology beliefs under the brand “Murico” where its meaning is from Mutelu and Rico; thus, Murico means Mu for Wealth representing our commodities as belief wearables, e.g., clothes, bracelets, hats, etc. Moreover, all of our products are gone through the process of incantation from auspicious monks to wish happiness and luck to customers.

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Marketing Solution

We set up strategy for each campaign and work together with Brands on Design Thinking in order to achieve the target, strengthen the business.

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