2. Control of Subsidiaries and Associated Companies’ Business Operations

The Company’s Board of Directors shall be responsible for business management and operation of the Company as well as the operation of subsidiaries in compliance with our main business plan, resolutions of shareholders, laws as well as objectives and Articles of Association of the Company. The Board of Directors must control the operations of the Company and subsidiaries to comply with the regulations of SET, through the supervision of Board of Directors in order to control, manage and be responsible for the operation of the Company and subsidiaries, with details summarized as follows :

(1) The Board of Directors sets the policy to appoint their representative to be the director or executive of subsidiaries and associated companies in order to monitor the operation of such companies to be in line with the Company’s policy.

(2) The Board of Directors continues to monitor the operation of subsidiaries or associated companies and sets guidelines to control the operation of such companies for a person who was appointed as the director or executive.

(3) The Board of Directors continues to control the business operation of subsidiaries or associated companies to meet the approved business policy, goals, operation plan, strategy and budget.

(4) The Board of Directors considers designing the organization structure and management of subsidiaries or associated companies to add their business operation efficiency and suit current business circumstances.

(5) The Board of Directors shall consider approving the budget and spending for investment, operations, transactions of acquisition or disposition of assets, borrowing from financial institutions, lending, capital increase and decrease or business closure that may significantly affect subsidiaries or associated companies’ operations.

(6) The Audit Committee shall review accuracy and reliability of financial reports, internal control system, internal auditing works, related party transactions, compliance with related law and regulations as well as monitoring and controlling of subsidiaries and associated companies’ operations.

(7) The Risk Management Committee shall consider screening the policy and risk management guidelines of subsidiaries and associated companies.

(8) The Board of Directors focuses on improving management as well as providing good corporate governance and efficient risk management system of subsidiaries and associated companies.

(9) The subsidiaries and associated companies must report their performance to the Board of Directors of the Company. Also, the Board of Directors must consider such performance regularly in order to support their planning and goals of business operation in the future.

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