4. Human Right Policy

Mono Group underlines the principles of Human Rights, which are considered as the fundamental rights, by treating every stakeholder fairly and impartially. Thus, it promotes the directors, executives, and employees to perform their duties with realization on human rights, duties and responsibilities of their own and other individuals under the following guidelines.

(1) Every stakeholder shall be treated under the principles of Human Rights with realization of their human rights and dignity.

(2) The Company shall promote impartiality and equitable treatment without any discrimination. There shall be no violation of an individual’s rights neither by verbal or action because of his/her difference in terms of nationality, gender, age, religious, place of birth, language, culture, education, physical appearance, economic and social status, attitude, believe, etc.

(3) Respect for human dignity shall be provided to all employees who will be encouraged to exercise their legitimate rights in accordance with the Constitution and other laws. In doing so, knowledge should be given to all employees in a manner that benefits their understanding on the laws prescribing about rights and duties, and responsibilities of themselves as well as respect for other’s rights and duties. The Company shall also promote the good relationship building activities that every employee can adopt as guidelines.

(4) Personal information of stakeholders shall be kept confidential. There shall be no breach of or unlawful exploitation from such personal information. The disclosure or utilization of such personal information must be approved by the owner, except for the lawful action according to the laws, regulations and the Company’s Articles of Association.

(5) There shall be the follow-up process that monitors and controls the Company’s business operation and performance of employees to avoid any action that involves in human rights infringement.

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