Master Content Provider

4. Master Content Provider

Mono Next offers content production and distribution of both international and Thai contents to broadcast on 3BB IPTV. Due to highly extensive expertise in content production and distribution serving customers for more than 10 years and a strong connection with world-class studios, Mono Next has been entrusted with the task of Master Content Provider (MCP) for Three BB TV Company Limited in order to jointly strengthen content power and drive 3BB TV into an IPTV business that truly meets both general customers and 3BB clients’ expectation since 3BB currently has a large broadband-customers base,  approximately more than 3.6 million.

Mono Next undertakes content production and broadcasts our in-house programs on 6 channels belonging to 3BB GIGATV, namely, “3BB Asian”, “3BB Sports 1”, “Mono Plus”, “Mono29 Music Station”, “Rush Stories”, and “A’lure”, etc.

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