3. Role of Stakeholders

The Company places great importance on the right of all stakeholders and conducts its business morally and ethically. The Business Code of Conduct is therefore stipulated to be guidelines for fair treatment towards all stakeholders, both within and outside the Company, in order to sustainably achieve the aim and the main target of the Company.

The Company has established criteria for the treatment of each group of stakeholders, as follows :


Emphasis shall be given to the transparent dissemination of important information, both financial and non-financial, to the stakeholders that are accurate, sufficient and timely. Dissemination shall be made through different channels, such as announcements through the SET’s electronic media, the Company’s website, newspapers, press releases, letters, etc.


The Company recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction through the enhancement of existing services and development of new services. At the same time, the Company ensures ethical treatment and responds to all customers’ complaints or suggestions immediately.


The Company emphasizes the ethical treatment and respect human rights of employees who shall be appropriately remunerated based on their qualifications relevant to their duties and comparable to other companies in the same industry. The occupational health and safety and work environment practices are arranged to ensure on-the-job safety for employees’ lives and properties. The Orientation is the compulsory program for all employees. They must be advised through the employee’s manual in which the Company’s Articles of Association, policies, and code of conduct are explicated. Besides, the benefits and welfares provided for our employees exceeds that the laws has specified; for example, group medical insurance scheme, group life insurance plan and provident fund, etc.

The Company focuses on increasing knowledge, ability and experiences of employees through in-house and external training and seminars. This shall enable employees to perform their tasks efficiently and be able to cope with dynamic changes in products, technology, and rules of the various agencies. The topic of seminars includes notifications, requirements, rules and regulations of SET and SEC, accounting standards of various institutes, computer systems and programs, etc.


The Company austerely practices in compliance with terms and conditions that have been made with its creditors. In doing so, the Company shall focus on loan management in accordance with the objectives as specified in the contract, duly loan and interest payment, responsible acts towards collaterals to constitute creditor’s trust. In case of failing to comply with the terms and conditions or default on loan, the Company shall notify the creditors in advance to collectively consider the potential solutions for the issue.

Business Partners

The Company underlines impartial and proper treatment and complies with business terms and conditions that have been made with its business partners in a fair manner. The Company shall also manage to develop and maintain good relationships with each business partner. The procedures for business partner selection are obviously identified in the Company’s procurement policy to ensure that each prospective business partner shall be selected through the process of comparing and screening in accordance with the designated criterions and qualifications based on the Company’s maximum benefits.

Business Competitors

The Company operates its business under principles of free and fair competition. It shall observe good business norm in competitive market, and avoid malpractice such as illegal acquisition on confidential information or using distorted information to jeopardize competitors. Besides, it shall promote any business cooperation with the competitors in a beneficial manner to the consumers or any cooperative project that is deemed a part of the country’s sustainable development in terms of economy, society and environment.

Regulatory and Government Agencies

The Company adheres to the laws, notifications, rules and regulations stipulated by regulatory and related agencies, such as the Department of Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce, the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance, SET, SEC, etc. The Company also cooperates with relevant private agencies.

Community, Society and Environment

Responsibility towards community, society and environment is a part of the Company’s missions that promotes its sustainable growth. To build knowledge and foster good sense for its employees, the Company provides abundant activities that enable them to be a part of the projects to strengthen the community, build the good society, and conserve the environment. The Company also initiates the campaigns that allows its employees to realize the importance on the conservation of energy and efficient resource exploitation, which is deemed an organizational culture. This includes monitoring as well as evaluating the progress and long-term success of the projects. Besides, the Company gives assistance through donations to various foundations and organizations, which carry out social activities such as the donation of tools, equipment and office supplies to temples, foundations and other social organizations both in government and private sectors.

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