4. Disclosure and Transparency

The Company places emphasis on accuracy, sufficiency, timeliness and impartiality in disclosing information to SET, the Company’s shareholders and related agencies.

  1. The Company must disclose important information, both financial and non-financial including annual registration statements (Form 56-1), annual report, and quarterly financial report. In disclosing financial information, especially the financial statements, the Company must ensure that they are correct, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and have been audited/reviewed by an independent external auditor. The financial statements must also be approved by the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors before they are disclosed to SEC, SET, the shareholders, investors and relate agencies.
  2. Necessary shall be disclosed on the Company’s website, in both Thai and English.
  3. Information on the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and committees, the number of meetings and attendance of each director, and the director’s and executives’ remuneration policies are disclosed under the Management and Corporate Governance section of the Company’s annual registration statements (Form 56-1) and annual report.
  4. The Report of the Board of Directors’ Responsibilities for Financial Statement must be presented together with the auditor report in the Company’s annual report.
  5. The Company shall disclose the summary of approved corporate governance policy and the result of performance in compliance with this policy in the Company’s annual registration statements (From 56-1) and annual report.

The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Financial Officer are assigned to be responsible for communicating with institutional investors, shareholders, analysts and relevant government agencies. The Company’s news, information, financial reports are also provided via communication channels, as follows :

    • Websites of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (www.set.or.th) and the Company (www.mono.co.th)
    • Investors Relations Unit, Tel.: 02-502-0787 , 02-502-0797
    • Email : ir@mono.co.th
    • Analyst Meeting which shall be held on a regular basis
    • Financial newsletter for press or press conference

  • Press conference and newsletters which show financial trends and financial status of the Company
  • In 2017, the Company involved in investor relations activities to present the Company’s information and operating result, as well as future business trend to analysts, investors, and the media. These activities were as follows.
    • : Welcomed institutional investors, securities companies, and business funds in 5 Company Visits
    • : Participated in 2 Opportunity Days
    • : Participated in Roadshow Luncheon Meeting by UOB KayHian (Thailand) to present the Company’s business plan and growth strategy to institutional investors on June 27, 2017, at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel