4. Disclosure, Transparency And Financial Integrity

The Company places emphasis on accuracy, sufficiency, timeliness and impartiality in disclosing information to SET, the Company’s shareholders and related agencies.
Financial and Non-financial Information Disclosure

  1. The Company shall manage to perform the financial report. Financial statement disclosure is required to be reviewed by an independent auditor and also in accordance with the financial reporting standards and related practices. This includes disclosure of the Annual Report, Form 56-1, Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), and other important financial information in an accurate, sufficient, and timely manner. This is to acknowledge investors whether there is a change in financial status and performance of the Company in each operating period.
  2. The Company shall disclose the financial reports by considering the result of the assessment on the sufficiency of the internal control system, independent auditor’s opinion, notice on the internal control system, and notices from other communication channels. Audit and Corporate Governance Committee’s opinion and consistency in the objective, the target, and the Company’s policies shall also be considered.
  3. The Company shall disclose non-financial information, including compliance with the law and policies (i.e. corporate governance; business ethics; code of conduct for directors, executives, and employees; transparent and fair management; anti-corruption policy; practice toward stakeholders; emphasis on human rights; social and environmental responsibilities). All of which are communicated toward the employees to implement as practice principles which can create long-term business value.
  4. The Company shall ensure that the directors disclose their information accurately and completely.
  5. The Company shall support and ensure that there is a sufficient number of personnel with competency to provide and disclose information. Development on knowledge, skills, and experience in accordance with the personnel responsibilities shall be provided as appropriate.
  6. The Company shall disclose the apparent shareholding structure in subsidiaries and associated companies (if any) in order to ensure shareholders that the operational structure of the Company is transparent and accountable. In case of any shareholders’ agreement, or policy effecting the shareholding structure, shareholders’ relationship, or power to takeover the business, it is considered that the agreement or policy does not impose obstacles to the committee’s duties. The matter shall also be disclosed in accordance with SET’s regulation.
  7. The Company shall regularly disclose financial and non-financial information by presenting the up-to-date information on the website of the Company both in Thai and English.
  8. The Company shall provide minority shareholders the channel to inquire information through emails of independent directors or the Company Secretary for other matters, such as directors’ activities, corporate governance, and audit.

Financial Status Management of the Company

  1. The management shall monitor, assess financial status of the business, and report to the Board of Directors regularly. If there is an event or a sign which affect liquidity and debt paying ability, it should be monitored closely to jointly solve the problem and carefully operate the business. Information disclosure which is in accordance with criteria of related sectors shall also be provided.
  2. The management shall establish the plan to solve financial problems by concerning about the fairness to stakeholders and debtors. Decision to implement any approach shall be reasonable and the progress of the report regarding the problem solving shall be regularly informed to the Board of Directors.
  3. The meeting of shareholders shall approve any proposals or transactions and prudently consider such matter so that it does not affect business continuity, financial liquidity, and debt paying ability.

Investor Relations

  1. The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and the Chief Financial Officer are assigned to be responsible for communicating with institutional investors, shareholders, analysts and relevant government agencies.
  2. The management shall determine strategic directions and investor relations development which clearly specify duties and responsibilities of investor relations function, formulate information disclosure policy to third party in an appropriate, fair, and timely manner, and monitor the use of internal information and market-sensitive information in order to ensure effective information disclosure.
  3. The Company’s news, information, and financial reports are provided via communication channels as follows:

In 2021, the Company involved in investor relations activities to present the Company’s information and operating result, as well as future business trend to analysts, investors, and the media. These activities were as follows.

: Analyst Meeting which was held for 4 times
: Group Meeting for Fund Managers and individual investors which was held for 2 times
: Press conference of the Chief Executive Officer about the operation during COVID-19 pandemic, the business assessment plan of the year 2021, the future plan for the year 2022, and sharing visions on the future of digital TV at a seminar organized by GroupM (Thailand)

Newsletters which show financial trends and financial status of the Company

Websites of the Stock Exchange of Thailand www.set.or.th and the Company www.mono.co.th

Investors Relations Unit, Tel.: 02-100-8100 ext. 7878 or 7787

Email : ir@mono.co.th

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