4. Content Subscription (Mobile, TV5News, MonoMax)

The business aims to fulfill consumers’ demand of information and entertainment via mobile phone and the internet in various forms based on the weekly or monthly subscription charging.

The service technology include short message service (SMS), interactive voice response (IVR) through telephone number *336, website and mobile application.

  • Information: TV5 News, Channel 9 News
  • Phone service, Music, Ring back tone, Ringtone
  • Application: Mono29 Shake, shake your phone to win big prizes as you watch Mono29 and witness a secret code on tv screen.
  • Monomax.me (formerly known as www.doonung.com) is an online movie streaming service with unlimited access of more than 15,000 hours of movies and series including blockbusters, award-winning, indy and cult films, cartoons and most sought-after inspirational documentary.

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