4. Radio (Mono Fresh, ShowBiz)

Radio business produces radio program for broadcasting via radio station. Under the name “Mono Fresh 91.5 FM” with the slogan “Fresh music all day long”, the music station satisfies listeners with Top Chart music and new songs of both Thai and internal. as well as news and interesting stories. Listeners can enjoy the music from any place and any time via smartphones. They can also chat with attractive DJs and watch live streaming on facebook.com/MonoFresh91.5.

The Company has expanded the showbiz business with business partners like the Government Savings Bank (GSB) and Dhipaya Insurance PCL. Premium concerts were organized for their customers in events such as GSB WOW Concert and Legend of Rock Concert, all of which were held at Mono29 Studio on Chaiyapruk Rd., with artists from various music studios and the beautiful 270-degree LED screen.
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