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Mono Next Public Company Limited or MONO aims at becoming the leader in media and entertainment program creation in Thailand through technology and various media channels that meet different lifestyles in the digital world and aims at remaining the front-runner in domestic and international movies and television series. Recently, MONO has pushed “Marketing Solution”, a business model from one of its subsidiaries “Mono Cyber Co., Ltd.” to become the provider of total online services.

Mr. Patompong  Sirachairat, CEO of Mono Next PCL., said, “In the past, MonoMax had been providing total online business solutions under the name ‘Mono Cyber’ by creating and distributing online contents, giving consultation on online and off-line content management, and providing effective on-ground marketing events to many customers. Mono Cyber has always been behind the online social media managements of many brand owners and received trust from customers such as Government Saving Bank, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Bangkok Life Assurance, BSC COSEMETOGY, Nestle, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission or NBTC, Cultural Promotion Fund Division of the Department of Cultural Promotion, and many more. They entrusted Mono Cyber with the opportunities to be part of the planning and organizing successful projects that receives excellent responses from the target audiences. We are grateful to our customers for supporting and pushing us to a continual growth.”

“Mono Cyber adheres to the ‘Marketing Solution’ for business planning.  We provide marketing strategies through ‘Design Thinking Skills’ in searching for new ways to satisfy the actual needs of our customers as much as possible. We also provide ‘Content Production’ service to various types of programs, such as short films, creative viral videos, live streaming, travel shows, food shows, social promoting programs, and more. We organize marketing events with attractive formats through easily accessible entertainment. We have two management staff members on our team, Ms. Kanyapat Suksamarn, Vice President of Event Strategy and Online Marketing of Mono Cyber Co., Ltd., and Mr. Sathit Eiamchit, Assistant Vice President of Mono Cyber, as the leaders. Both have been the driving force for Mono Cyber, helping us increasing revenues and growing as strong as other businesses under Mono Next like MonoMax and MONO29 channel.” Mr. Patompong concluded. Follow Mono Cyber’s details at

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