Entertainment Business

6. Entertainment Business

Mono has variety of entertainment to offer in several forms ranging from magazines, pocketbooks, websites, bloggers, influencers, etc. This involves from production of rich content down to distribution and marketing where the content serves remarkable number of genres and target audiences.

Top variety websites includes almost all categories of columns that one could think of such as news, video, men, women, teens, technology, etc. With more than 7 million page views per day, MThai.com is one of the most visited websites, who captures all of social trends and interests around the world. MThai.com also holds MThai Top Talk-about award nomination each year to emphasize the power of online sensations and that the online statistics can definitely point out who and what have been the real center of attention at specific moment.
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A spin-off selected quality video site from MThai.com which contains Entertainment, Energy and Education contents for Thais. All content are produced by the renowned gurus and influencers which are absolutely brand-safe, non-violent, non-political and trustworthy.
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Entertainment magazine and social fanpage who began with paparazzi concept , now becomes the most powerful media about entertainment business and celebrities with social followers of more than 2 millions.
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For Men
A’Lure (Website, Mobile, FB, Magazine) Artful photo magazine of sexy beautiful models.

Rush. (Website, Mobile, FB, Magazine) Playful and funny living for men with rush girl centerfolds and lifestyle contents
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For Women
Snap Signature.(FB, Online column, Free Magazine)  Get dressed and inspired by the various looks of celebrities.
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For Teenagers
Campustar (Website, Mobile, FB, Free Magazine) Information, activities and news update right from all university campuses around Thailand
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Bioscope (FB, Online column, Magazine) Movie insider information, other untold stories of film industry and ironic reviews from relentless movie gurus.
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A Walking Backpack (FB, Pocketbook) Follow a young Thai guy with the ultimate goal to experience different culture and to be in the unseen landmarks around the world by himself and just … his camera and a backpack.

Mor-tood (FB, Pocketbook) A gay medical doctor who criticizes and helps his fans (either they straight or not, regardless of age) with suggestion about living, society and relationship with all scientific, psychological, morale but ironic truths.

Other Pocketbook by Publishing Brands

  • Her Publishing produces books presenting the image of modern women.
  • Horo Life Publishing produces books with contents focusing on beliefs, astrological beliefs and horoscope-related issues.
  • Maxx Publishing presents crime and suspense novels.
  • Geek Book Publishing presents fascinating life styles with highlights on films, music, photographs, etc.
  • Move Publishing presents books about principles and concepts of management.

an Online Digital Book Store with a variety of copyrighted publications from famous authors, both domestic and international. The publications made in e-magazine or e-book formats are more easily and widely available to read on website and smartphone devices.
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