1. Principles of Business Operation

To ensure maximum benefit to the shareholders, the Board of Directors has adopted a policy which gives equal and parallel importance to achieving set goals and the ways and means for achieving them.

The Board of Directors, therefore, stipulates both the goals and the means for achieving such success as described in the corporate vision, missions, ideals, values, principles, corporate governance policy and guidelines for business ethics and practices in this “Code of Conduct” manual. The objective is to inform directors and executives regarding the standard of practice the Company and subsidiaries expect when dealing with staff, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and the society in general.

1. Responsibility to Shareholders

It is the policy of the Company and subsidiaries to conduct our business with integrity, honesty and ethics. We intend to do our best to develop our business while creating valuable investment returns for our shareholders in a continuing and sustainable manner in which all shareholders are treated equitably.

2. Compliance with the Law and Relevant Rules and Regulations

The Company and subsidiaries are committed to complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations everywhere we operate and have established the following policies :

(1) Directors and executives must comply with local laws, rules, regulations as well as customs and traditions of the country in which the Company and subsidiaries operate.

(2) Directors and executives must comply with the announcements and stipulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

(3) Directors and executives must comply with the Company and subsidiaries’ rules and regulations.

(4) Directors and executives must not assist, support or conspire to avoid any legal or regulatory compliance.

(5) Directors and executives must cooperate with supervisory agencies as well as report information on violation of or non-compliance with existing laws or regulations.

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