1. TV (MONO29, Mono Plus)

Mono29 (Free digital TV channel, DTT) is “Free TV with the greatest number of blockbuster movies and premium TV series”. Mono29 offers premium TV programs for non-stop entertainment through 24 hours. Mono29 broadcasts only exclusive contents right from top studios from Hollywood and Asia including Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures, CBS and Sahamongkol. Most of top grossing movie titles are destined to air on Mono29 as the first TV run (including Fast and Furious, Jurassic Park, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible and Star Wars franchises). Additionally, Mono29 contains almost all of DC Universe superheroes series (including Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, etc.). The audiences can enjoy watching Mono29 in dual languages via TV, website and mobile application.
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Mono Plus
(Satellite and cable TV channel) “Never Ending Entertainment” The brother TV channel of Mono Group with alternative programming composed of Asian movies, Romantic movies and TV series and Sports live broadcasting.
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