Mr. Sang Do Lee

Mr. Sang Do Lee

Aged 44

Director / Executive Director / Authorized Director
(Appointed Director on March 9, 2012)

Education / Training Courses

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering
    Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
  • IOD Training Programs:
    • Director Certification Program (DCP), Class 103/2008

Shareholding (%)1
MONO : 0.37%


Directorship in Listed Companies

2012 – Present Director and Executive Director
2012 – Nov 2019 Chief Executive Office
Mono Technology PCL.


Directorship in other Companies

2006 – Present Director Subsidiaries and associated
company of Mono Technology PCL.


Family Relations among Executives: None
1Includes holdings by spouse and minor children as of December 31, 2019