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Mono Group

About Mono

Mono Group is committed to be the Top Entertainment Content Creator in Thailand
with its business engagement in comprehensive range of Media and Content and Entertainment Businesses. 2015 becomes the year filled with numerous prides, especially the Company’s Digital TV business. MONO29 channel was introduced as the new player in Free TV business and its potential has been proved through the top ranking in TV rating among other digital competitors. In the future, TV business will become our new major revenue generator.

Mono Group now becomes a leading entertainment content creator in Thailand that
creates and offers outstanding services and products via several media platforms to fit modern lifestyles in the digital era. Our services and products include entertainment news, music, movies, games,and horoscope available through various channels such as the Internet, Mobile, Publishing, Digital TV, Satellite TV, CableTV and Radio.

Mono Group consists of two main businesses:

1. Media and Content Businesses (in Thailand)
Mono Technology PCL.

Mono Info Systems Co.,Ltd.

Mono Generation Co.,Ltd.

Mono Production Co.,Ltd.

Mono Travel Co.,Ltd.

Mono Sport Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

Mono Broadcast Co.,Ltd.

Mono Radio Co., Ltd.

Mono Talent Studio Co., Ltd.

Mono Play Co., Ltd.

Mono Astro Co., Ltd.

Mono Radio Broadcast Co.,Ltd.

Media and Content Businesses (Overseas Subsidiaries)
Mono Technology Hong Kong Limited

Mono Technology Myanmar

2. Entertainment Businesses
Mono Film Co.,Ltd.

Mono Music Co.,Ltd.

T Moment Co., Ltd.